. Regurgitated Alpha Bits: Meeping Strikes a Chord

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Meeping Strikes a Chord

Well, I've heard from many people on this topic. Some wrote by way of comments and others via email, all sharing a common knowledge of or sympathy for the atrocities of being Meeped.

Evidently, meeping is the silent annoyer and worthy of inclusion in the next presidential debate.

With our voices united, the candidates will be forced to address the issue. Let's rally together to bring an end to meeping in our schools, shall we?

I can hear it now. <Dreamy music plays, everything goes wavy, and Edna slips into a dream world of presidential debates>

The moderator, the Scholastic Scribe, asks, "In recent years, a wave of terrorist meepers have stealthly moved into our neighborhoods and schools, viciously meeping our children at lunch tables, on the swings, and in the classrooms when the teacher is not looking. What is your plan to win the War on Meeping?"

And Barack will say, "It takes a village to shine a spotlight on such under-recognized annoyances as meeping so that those who are green behind the ears about the horrors of meeping can cast the first stone at the birds in the bushes who meep...

a lot.

When I am president, I will end meeping and then withdraw our support of the nonmeepers in a safe and timely manner…

for change."

Followed by McCain's response of, "My captors in Vietnam tried using meeping on me, so I know what it feels like. My plan is to seek out the meepers and crush them in their sleep OR influence them to stop meeping through a series of tax credits based solely on their choosing to end their meeping ways.

I am a maverick of meeping and have a long history of stopping meepers in their tracks. Moreover, my maverick runningmate Sarah Palin has watched as the Russians tried to meep us across the Bering Strait. Her record of preventing international meeping is strong."

I don't know for sure what our third party candidate, Hot Tub Lizzy , might say.

But my point is that there IS hope!

Together, we can bring an end to senseless meeping across this great land.


Anonymous said...

Note to readers....NEVER drink hot coffee while reading one of Edna's blogs, as you might find the coffee that was once in your mouth, ALL over the screen of your laptopor dripping out of your nostrils.....

just a warning......

LOVE the blog about the candidates, Edna!

Melissa B. said...

Ya know, I laughed out loud when I read this. Thanks so much for elevating The Humble Scribe to moderator! I've got another presidential contest interview with Hot Tub Lizzy of the Plaid Party on Tuesday, so please stay tuned. And BTW, please don't forget S x 3 tomorrow. Gotta good one for ya! PS: I totally concur on the hot coffee comment!