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Sunday, October 31, 2010

Don’t Mess with Coach

Friday was field trip day!

If you are a regular reader then you know that field trip day usually involves adventures like this and this.

Amazingly, THIS time it really was adventure free!

So then why write about it, Edna?

Because, and I am being brutally honest here, I am an awful, awful person. I really, truly am yet I am going to offer no apologies for it (and I feel bad about that too.)

Now, before I begin my story, let me tell you that I am not proud of the story I am about to share. I realize that a better person than me would not have allowed this to happen.

So here goes…

I while back, I shared a story about George, the student who got busted for telling his neighbor that I am the smartest teacher in the world.

Well… I am OVER that shame I felt for busting him because that was about the last nice thing that kid ever said about anyone.

He hits.

He throws elbows.

He pinches.

He shoves.

He bullies.

He name-calls.

He back-talks.

And this is not just how he treats kids. Adults are fair game to him too.

He is, in general, kind of a difficult person for others to like.

And when you address these behaviors with him, he folds his arms, furrows his brow and stomps away from you like a toddler in need of a nap.

So, I'm having a hard time warming up to him.

I recognize this shortcoming of mine though; therefore I make extra efforts to reward him for making good choices and being kind to others. He is, after all, just a kid.

But frankly, I know I am just faking it. And since I am faking it, it was inevitable that I eventually would fail him.

As I did.

On the field trip.

Our naturalist at the estuary also happened to be the wrestling coach at a local high school and told the kids to call him Coach.

He was great with the kids, keeping them learning and laughing the entire time, however he soon grew weary of George's constant complaining and off-putting attitude.

At one point, Coach was talking about an ecosystem while looking for a vocabulary card in his backpack. He sort of left his sentence hanging while he dug around in the bag and George sarcastically yelled out, "Aw Geez! Like you're really prepared to teach US!"

I immediately stepped forward to take George aside, but Coach gave me a look that told me he wanted to handle it and said,

"Now George, I know you think you're funny but looks aren't everything."


The entire class snickered and ooooo-ed behind their hands.

George was quiet for the remainder of the trip, silenced by the adult who handed him low blow

and the teacher who did not step up to comfort him.





Mister Teacher said...

Is it wrong to want to stand up and cheer at the end of this story, the same way I wanted to stand up and cheer after the President's big speech in Independence Day?

Edna Lee said...

Well, MT, I guess that is the same question I am wrestling with!

Miss V said...

I've experienced this as well - sometimes you just have to pretend to be absorbed in something else while the inappropriately sarcastic visiting [random subject] educator says things you've only dreamed of!

Mrs. H. said...

I hate to say it, but he deserved the comment. Granted, he's a kid, but eventually he's going to grow up. Since your well intentioned reasoning with him hasn't been working (although that's the tactic I'd have used as well), perhaps he needs some tough love. He won't always be surrounded by teachers willing to work with him and patiently try to teach him the right way to handle people and situations.

P.S. I gave a mini fist pump when I read this. It was a reflex. Kinda like when they smack your knee with that triangular, plastic thingy at the doctor's office. :)

Anonymous said...

Go Coach!

Have to remain anonymous as if we even breathe incorrectly at work we get written up!

Stacey said...

I need to use this in my classroom...BAM! In your place.

children educational support Schnider said...

Awesome post Edna.
Thank you :)

Ezra Adams said...

I would feel bad, too. He certainly "asked for it," but your instinct to comfort him isn't out of place.

A pat on the back and a warm smile would probably do it - and you will do it, next time.

Character Education said...

I have seen so many people in my classroom asking for the same question that Is there any bad thing to try this in classroom just for making some fun? i hope your post is good to forward them, thanks for posting.

Teachinfourth said...

I shouldn't have laughed at this, but I did...I have had students like this pass though my classroom now and again over the years and sometimes, just being nice doesn't cut it after so long.

I've 'pretended' to be busy and not listening when another student has chastised another student for their attitude or lack of effort.


sports equipment said...

Why is being sarcastic wrong but asking stupid question isn't?

Creativity in Education said...

@sports equipment ... because people can;t help themselves when they ask stupid questions but you always know when you are being sarcastic...