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Tuesday, March 15, 2011

It's Not WHAT you say,

but HOW you say it that matters.

As you may know, I teach science and math with English Language Arts integrated into my curriculum.

(I make it sound to effortless... like I'm not up at all hours of the night inventing the lessons that so seemlessly integrate LA into everything!)

Anyhoo, I really do try to make whatever I am teaching in science become topical throughout the day so I sometimes make up word problems in math that go along with our current science theme.

Right now, it's Matter and Energy in Ecosystems.

Well, we had a district math visit today, and three district Mucky-Mucks wandered into my room at about 9:00 am. I was working with the students on how to turn word problems into mathematical equations. Just as the Who's Who of my district plop their rumps against my back counter, I call on a student to share his math problem and the equation he wrote.

Me: Tommy. Share your work with us please.

Tommy: I wrote a science one! If you collected four orgasms from the desert in...

Me: Organisms

Tommy:  Right, Organisms. If you collected four orgasms from the...

Me: OrGANisms

Tommy: Right, orGANisms. If you collected four orGASms from...

Me: OrganISMS. Repeat after me. Or

Tommy: Or


Tommy: GAN

Me: isms

Tommy: isms

Me: Or-gan-isms

Tommy: Or-gan-isms

Me: Great! Try your problem again.

Tommy: If you collected four orgranstrisms from...

Me: Muuuuch better.

I can't WAIT to see the district's write-up on me!


ReadyOrNot said...

My kids were reading a section in the science book about "um, how do you say that word? orgasms?" when I had my observation too! So embarrassing and trying hard not to giggle at them. Thank goodness he did not say a word in my eval!

Jane said...

Hee, hee. That reminds me of the story my master teacher told me about when she worked at a less than desirable school and introduced the students, first graders, to prisms. She said hands shot up left and right, "Oh, my uncle's in prism." "My dad's been to prism." And on and on.
I know you're busy and all, but keep posting! You make me laugh!

Anonymous said...

I really like that you can find the humor in your teaching. As a current education student I hope that I can be as open minded as you are when it comes to teaching because I think that is what can make an effective teacher. Keep the posts coming, I really enjoy reading them!