. Regurgitated Alpha Bits: Ego Blow, Part Duex

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Ego Blow, Part Duex

So I've been telling you all year about George. He's the kid who said this....

 and this...

 and this...

 and this...

 and finally this.

Well, he has struck again.

Me: Alrighty kids, let's get inside and get started on some science! Let's see if we can make our lines quieter than Mr. Smith's lines as we walk to our room! (Mr. Smith teaches Social Studies next door.)

The Class: Yeah! We can do that!

George: Mr. Smith is smarter than you.

The Class: gasp!

Me: Well, George, that was not very nice of you to say. You've just hurt my feelings.

George: No offense. He just really is.

The Class: Gasp!

Me: Well, George, saying that is offensive and hurtful. Unkind opinions should be kept to yourself. If someone said something like that about you, I would tell them the same thing.

George: But he just really is smarter than you.

Me: Listen to my words, George. Saying that to me makes me sad. It makes my heart hurt. I don't think you're the kind of person who would want to make someone feel that way.

George: I'm just say that Mr. Smith is...

Me: George, stop talking.

Later in the afternoon, the students were helping me pass out two weeks worth of graded papers. I gave every student a job except George. Every student understood why...

...except George.


Becky said...

Oh, I am so enjoying your blog. Very funny stories. I love how you convey such love for your kids while still showing that perhaps they are not quite your favorite.

Linda Fox said...

Not to try diagnosing without a license, but he does remind me of a former student who would say the most inappropriate things - that kid was a high-functioning autistic. Rather like Sheldon on the Big Bang Theory.

Edna Lee said...

We agree with you, Linda. He's a bit more savvy than Sheldon, however we suspect he may fall on the Autism Spectrum somewhere. He's in the process of being assessed.

Oddly enough, when getting my Gifted and Talented Certification, we took a class on Austism and the instructor used clips of Sheldon to model various autistic behaviors!

Mrs. Senechal said...

Thanks for helping me smile about some of my students who have been hard to love, too. It's so hard to see kids who seem to dig themselves into a hole no matter how hard you try to help them.

Edna Lee said...

Ain't that the truth, Mrs. Senechal!

I'm glad I could give you a smile. At least I have enough intelligence to do that! ;)

Anonymous said...

I am still laughing at you and George.
I am definitely going to keep reading. I have my unsigned contract in my purse, am nursing a hurt ego thanks to my principal, and am questioning if I want to go into a third year of teaching.

This helps.

Edna Lee said...

Oh Anony, (may I call you Anony?) I trust you'll follow your heart. If the issue is that you and your principal don't see eye to eye, remember they change schools all the time and so can you eventually. They are a blip on the radar of your career. If your worries go deeper than that, make the choice that is going to bring you joy in the long run. It's a loooong career if you're happy and too looooooong of a career if you're not.

Best wishes in whatever you decide. I don't know you, but I do know that if you're a reader of this blog you MUST be brilliant! (Despite George's efforts, my ego lives on!!)

Please keep me posted!!