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Friday, December 2, 2011

Etiquette 101


Or do golfers yell, "FORE"??

"For," maybe???

Why on earth did they pick a homophone?

(Which leads me to think that "TWO" would have been poor choice as well...)

But I digress.

The field trip we took took on Thursday involved learning how science and math play a part in golf. It was a unique opportunity for our students to participate in hands-on STEM activities AND do so in a swanky country club in one of the wealthiest neighborhoods in Southern California.

NOT our usual digs.

We did some schoolin' at the Chevron World Challenge!

Thank you to Chevron for sponsoring our visit!

The kids LOVED it, and the activities were exciting, well planned, and engaging for the students. They even got to walk the course a bit and see a professional golfer in action.

To be honest, our kids were p-e-r-f-e-c-t! They could not have been better behaved, and we could not be prouder of them.

You don't realize how stressful it is to take 90 kids to a super-fancy country club where athletes are competing for millions of dollars and one little kid's inability to contain his desire to loudly crunch leaves under his shoes can cost a golfer millions of dollars. Where people who paid lots of money for tickets glare at your loooooong line of students because, well, they're KIDS and are probably going to ruin the whole grown-up golf spectating experience.

The kids were so wonderful that strangers, spectators, and people working the course couldn't resist smiling at them and complimenting them on their fine manners and good behavior.

In a nutshell, we were



But my favorite part happened as they ate their lunches in the shadow of the luxurious clubhouse at white tables with white folding chairs, and REALLY rich people walking all around them. One of our boys said (a bit too loudly):

Wow! This is REEEAlly nice. 

This is the kind of place where you should chew with your mouth closed.

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The Bus Driver said...

LOVE it.... i take so many field trips... some to bowling alleys, museums, etc... and occasionally some to really nice places.... sometimes the kids are well behaved, other times... the teacher gets back on the bus and is totally mortified.