. Regurgitated Alpha Bits: Promises Schmomises

Sunday, January 1, 2012

Promises Schmomises

Well, it's the New Year.

(Did you already know that? You know me. Always full of breaking news...)

Time to make those promises to myself that I fully intend to have no intention of fulfilling.

Resolution #1
Seek revenge on people who leave the copier jammed full of half-eaten spelling lists and chewed up math worksheets. You see, our new copier still jams as much as our old copier, but now I can see who logged in before me. Hahaha!! I'm gonna clear out their mess from the copier, like I always do, and shove it right in their...


Resolution #2
Stop stealing staples right out of my teaching partner's stapler. I'll be much closer to the supply room in the new year, so there will be no need.

Resolution #3
Not leave the editing of essays until I have weeks and weeks and weeks worth of essays to edit; filling me with a temptation to "misplace" them. I have so many essays to read over winter break that I honestly considered telling the kids they got lost by the movers who are relocating us over vacation. (Our school underwent a remodel.)

Bad teacher. VERY baaad teacher.

Resolution #4
Devise a way to stop giving spelling tests. I hate spelling test. It tests them on nothing. Sure, they spell ok in isolation, but unless they develop a career playing Words with Friends, spelling in isolation is a useless skill. I'd rather teach the spelling rules, but skip the traditional spelling test. Spelling in context is key.

Maybe they could use words that follow the weekly spelling rules in those essays I'm going to be grading with more frequency?

Resolution #5
Stop thinking up resolutions that make editing essays more work than it already is.

Resolution #6
Make an honest attempt to fulfill my resolutions.

Resolution #7
Stop lying to myself. I'm never going to actually DO these things.

Resolution #8
Hold myself to a higher standard than I have in the past. Strive to be a better person and challenge myself to make personal and professional changes when changes are needed.

Resolution #9
On second thought, love myself just the way I am.

Resolution #10
Blog more.


Mrs. Gumby said...

I hear you, sister, about the jammed copiers! It irritates the heck out of me to go into the copier room and find the copiers jammed. Arrrgghhh! I can't tell you how many times I've unjammed the copiers.

Heather said...

I don't even know how to use the copier!! How bad is that? Maybe that should be my resolution... Yes, that sounds good. "Learn to use copier."

Edna Lee said...

Heather! Not only do you need to know how to work the copier, you need to know how to take it apart and put it back together in under two minutes while blindfolded. You better get practicing.

I actually make very few copies, but I suppose that's due to circumstance! ;)

Mom not Mum (Sandy) said...

I agree on teaching spelling rules over spelling words. In this "computer age" I have taught many kids that, even with spell check, they still need to know how to spell. They need to be able to pick out which word is correct when they have spelled something wrong. Knowing the rules of spelling will get them much closer to the word they are attempting. This all coming from someone who used to take insane pleasure from typing up an entire essay/paper before checking my spelling just so I could get that notice that said "spell check completed" proving once again I am an awesome speller.

Nadia said...

Perhaps a vocabulary test instead of a spelling test. I stopped giving spelling words/tests in order to build vocabulary.

Alex T. Valencic said...

Nadia - Don't your spelling tests build vocabulary? Mine (which come from our Houghton-Mifflin Reading series) contains word lists that have a combination of high-frequency words and new vocabulary words that are used in the stories.

Incidentally, I hate spelling tests; I didn't do them until nearly every parent during our Fall parent-teacher conferences asked why we didn't do them, and I didn't have a good response!

Miss Angel said...

LOL! Those are some great resolutions! :D I can't imagine just leaving the copier jammed and running for the hills.