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Saturday, May 5, 2012

Who Cares

State testing starts next week! In our classrooms, we've been pumping up the kids, assuring them that they really can do well, and we mean it. They CAN do it.

Our principal held a kick-off assembly to get the students excited about testing. Queen pounded through the speakers and push-up ice cream was handed out to reinforce that we're gonna "push up" to our API goal. The kids loved it.

Of course we believe our kids can do it! They can do anything. Especially with the support of their parents...

Anyone else hear crickets chirping?


Elisabeth said...

Soooooo true!!!! So much pressure on teachers and kids to perform and you have parents in the background telling you they will be supportive, but when it comes down to it, they are absent. Love this pic! mind if I pin it???

Twins, Teaching and Tacos

Edna Lee said...

You certainly may pin it, Elisabeth.

Absentee parents are always a picture worth sharing. :-(