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Saturday, October 20, 2012

A Step Down

Each Wednesday, some of my student leadership group and I head out at dismissal time to earn a little dough for our school by selling Smencils.

(If Smencils are not on your radar as a fundraiser, you're missing out. Our school sells them for a dollar and is making a KILLING on them.)

(BTW, Smencils did not ask me to endorse them. I am not even on Smencils' radar.)

So anyhoo, my student leaders are out milling around the crowd of parents, enticing children to beg their parents to buy one for them.

As I manned the Smencil table, one of the younger brothers of a girl in our class ran up to me in a panic.

Him: Why are you out here?

Me: I'm selling Smencils.

Him: Oh, that sucks. You used to be a teacher!

Me: I still AM a teacher. I'm helping earn money for our school.

Him: Oh, I thought you got fired.

Way to have faith in me, kid.


Miss Angel said...

ROFL! You used to be a teacher, and now you've been demoted to Smencil Lady!

Anonymous said...

Oh, kids are so blunt.

I actually just started a blog about education and life in general. I'd love for you to check it out!: hopehonorandhappiness.com

Urban said...

The gap between events can be filled so imaginatively with kids. And thanks for revealing what smencils are to me, I'll be getting some. You should get on their radar, since you're doing the, a huge favor!

Unknown said...

I had a set of smencil crayons before. They are super awesome, it doesn't surprise me they sell so well.

I know you haven't updated in months, but I love your blog and had to mention it in my latest post

Hope you don't mind :)


Carrie Garrett said...

You kill me!! I have just spent the last 1/2 hour reading some of your posts! I swear you are my soul sister! Thanks for the laughs and hope there are more coming! :)

Edna Lee said...

Aawwww, shucks, Carrie. Thank you!

Ross Bahia said...

Your blog is an inspiration! It motivates me to find humor in this profession. :) I am now a frequent visitor of your blog. Please continue to write, thank you :)