. Regurgitated Alpha Bits: Eeeww

Tuesday, September 24, 2013


Seeing a student pick his nose and then eat what he picked ranks in the top 3 things I dislike about my job. 

That is all. 


Anonymous said...

This week one of my autistic students sneezed without covering his nose and a big wad landed on his pants. I helped him by giving him a handful of Kleenex and he proceeded to smear it all over his trousers. My gag reflex needed to be restrained, to say the least.

Unknown said...

1st week of school teaching a class of SIXTH graders last school year I cam to the horrible realization that the deomgraphics of my room included a total of SIX nose pickers...3 of them were pickers and eaters...last year was a hard year.

Edna Lee said...

I'm so sorry. Ugh!

My friends who teach college say it doesn't get any better with age. A picker is a picker and an eater is an eater. For life.