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Monday, June 20, 2016

Things Are About to Get Dull - Like Vanilla

Where have you been?

In all honesty, I've been putting all the funny on my personal Facebook page. I haven't been putting it here because I didn't want to bore all my "real me" friends who follow me here and on my personal Facebook page where I am the "real me."

But now I've decided I don't really care if I bore them.

Sorry People Who Know the Real Me. (Let's face it. I'm not that interesting in real life.)

So I'll be retelling some of my stories from this school year here, and I hope you find them amusing.

Let's get started!

Conversation with a kid on her her birthday:
Me: Let's talk cupcakes. Which is better, chocolate or vanilla?
Her: valilna
Me: First of all, you're wrong. It's chocolate. 
       Second of all, it's pronounced vanilla.
Her: That's what I said. Valilna.
Me: vanilla
Her: valilna
Me: vah-nil-lah
Her: vah-lil-nah
Me: That's not it.
Her: But I'm saying exactly what you're saying.
Me: I'm pretty sure I'm not saying valilna. Vah.
Her: vah
Her: nil
Me: Lah
Her: lah. Valilna.
Me: Vah
Her: I changed my mind. I like chocolate.

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