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Monday, August 1, 2016

Kickball Queen

I am not athletic.

In any way.

At all.


But that doesn't stop me from participating the Teachers vs. 6th Graders annual kickball game.

There was great news this year!

I did NOT hit any kids in the face with a ball during that game.
It was a refreshing change...

What DID I do?

1. Cheered on a teacher who ran clear across the field to get a ball that was dangerously close to becoming my responsibility.

2. Made student spectators stand so I could drag their chairs out to the outfield and sit in them while I played. Assistant Right Field, to be precise.

3. Took the "long way" out to the the outfield so I'd miss most of the inning at times, (Most times...)

4. Convinced a teacher's teenaged daughter who was visiting for the day to run for me when I was up to kick.

5. Called another teacher "delusional" when he suggested I "kick the ball low." (As if I have ANY control over where or how high that thing is gonna go.)

6. Took about 98.9% of the credit for us KILLING those 6th graders.

Take THAT, athletic skils!

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