. Regurgitated Alpha Bits: Is That What I Think It Is? Part 2

Friday, February 17, 2012

Is That What I Think It Is? Part 2

Warning: The following post, just like this one,  contains adult language and content. If you don't want to be exposed to that, please cover your eyes before you read.

Wanna know what I learned yesterday?

I learned that even our kiddos who really struggle to write a sentence can write a pretty durn good narrative with the right supports in place.

(I actually already knew that.)

Wanna know what I really learned yesterday?

I learned that kids like to write stories about magic wands. Their imaginations explode with ideas. Anything is possible with a magic wand!

Wanna know what else I learned?

Publishing stories online is HIGHLY motivating to students.

(Again, not new learning for me. I'm just using that repetitive line for effect.)

In case you're wondering, we're using www.LittleBirdTales.com .

Kids can write their stories, illustrate them or use digital images, record their voices reading their stories and then safely share their stories via the Web using a hyperlink.

Oh, and it's free!

Back to what I'm learning. Wanna know what else?

When kids draw magic wands, many look just like sparkly penises.

And the rest look like sparkly vibrators.

And it's really fun to send the kids who drew the most phallic-looking ones over to your teaching partner to proudly show off their "magic wands" (that's what she said).

... and watch him struggle to find appropriate ways to compliment their work.

I don't care what other teachers say, THAT is what makes teaching fun!


Angel Read said...

LOL! You should have posted the pics! avi

Ginger Snaps said...

Hey Edna! Just wanted to let you know that my 4th grade math common core vocab cards are finally up for purchase! I know you emailed me about them, so I wanted to let you know! =)

Damon said...

Couldn't help but be reminded of this sketch I saw once.