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Thursday, September 5, 2013

Aren't You...?

We had Back to School Night last night. Fourth grade had a good turn-out, probably because we don't do the talking. We make a movie with the kids explaining everything, and parents show up to see their kids on "the big screen."

One of the parents came up to me after the session and she had her sister with her. Her sister just kept staring at me. Finally, the sister says, "Maybe you taught here when I went to school here. Do you know a teacher named Miss Blank?"

"That's me! I was Miss Blank! I got married a few years ago." I replied.

And she burst into tears and threw her arms around me.

Well, as it turns out, I was her 3rd grade teacher and I seemed to have had a bit of an impact on her. (But not visually...)

She's 21 years old now and going to college. She wants to be a teacher, and credited me with that (although I think others probably had as big an impact or more.) According to her and her sister, her favorite year was 3rd grade, and she often spoke about me after she left our school.

How touching!

She asked if we could stay in touch.

I said no.

Just kidding.

She loved third grade and that was worth a million bucks to me. Of course we can stay in touch ! It is so gratifying to see one of my students all grown up and working towards a wonderful career.

I feel so lucky!


Mrs. Gumby said...

Way to go, Miss Blank! Way to go!

Keith Chumley said...

That must have been a very rewarding moment when she told you that. That is awesome. Teaching does not usually come with much reward or thanks, but it sure is nice when you do get it! Good post.

Anonymous said...

I got a little teary eyed. Best teaching situation I have had, each classes alternated presenting a Friday assembly of what they were learning. Happy to have discovered your blog.