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Thursday, October 24, 2013

Feeeeed Me

We have a little cherub, who we'll call Bobby Lee, and he really enjoys food. 

Reeeeeally enjoys food. 

It's about all he wants to discuss. 

It's the only thing he wants as a reward in class. 

It's what he wants in his hands during recess. 

It's the only topic he'll use a complete sentence for when talking. 

And there is no shortage of it in his home. This is not a case where a kid is not being fed. 

Oh yes, he's being fed. His mother has made that clear. 

Well, we recently gave each of our students their own email addresses and had them practice sending emails to their teachers. They read as follows:

Susie Smilth - I LOVE fourth grade!!!!!

Billy Jones - This is the greatest year ever!!!!!

Timmy Williams - You're the best teachers ever!!!!!

Linda Thomas - I can't believe how awesome this is!!!!!

Bobby Lee - I'm hungry. 

And then today, my teaching partner was discussing with Bobby about how he should be behaving in his RSP class, because he has been making some pretty poor choices. They reviewed and reviewed three positive behaviors we would like him to display. 

And when he was asked to recite those three behaviors, he said:

Keep my hands to myself. 
Participate politely. 

Good try, kid. 

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