. Regurgitated Alpha Bits: Put It in Reverse

Friday, September 19, 2014

Put It in Reverse

Poor little 4th grade Michelle. 

She's always a bit out of the loop. 

It's not her fault. School is hard for her. Most of it is way over her head. 

She tries, but everything is tough for her. 

Today, she accidentally got into the wrong app on her iPad, and couldn't figure out why hers looked so different than what my teaching partner was showing on his. 

When he came over to help, he explained that, whoops, she's in the wrong app. 

"Go ahead and back out of that app and open this one," he said. 

"Ok," she said. 

And she slid her chair back from her desk. 


KauaiMark said...


Tracy Smith said...

I had some good laughs this afternoon! Thanks for this great blog! I have students doing and saying funny things all the time. I would love to start a blog like this of my own. How do you start one?

Edna Lee said...

Thanks for the kind words, Tracy.

Starting a blog is pretty simple. Start with an account, maybe on Blogger or somewhere similar. Then write! And the best way to get readers is to follow other people's blogs and comment on what they write. They will return the favor.

Best of luck! Let me know when you begin!