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Thursday, March 24, 2011

Flattery will Get You Nowhere

In case the picture of me on The Bits isn't clear, I have fair skin.

VERY fair skin.

I believe Crayola calls my actual color "one notch above transparent."

Wearing clothes isn't due to modesty. It's to keep people from seeing my internal organs. (You thought YOUR stomach was unflattering...)

Since I live in a very sunny climate, my doctor said it's time I started doing more that just using sunscreen for protection and suggested I invest in a nice floppy hat.

I made my selection at the store, brought it to school, and have been diligent about wearing it if I'm going to be outside for any extended periods of time...

...because I have 103 little hat policemen who point at their heads every time I cross the threshold without it.

(They seem to take a fair amount of joy in telling ME what to do for a change.)

So, the other day, I didn't put it on because I was only going to be outside for a short time. Several kids tried to get me to go back and get it, but I assured them that this was a short trip into the sun for me. They each expressed their disappointment in my disregard for doctor's orders.

...or my disregard for their orders. One or the other...

When child number five million came up to me to ask where my hat was, I gave him my little answer and he replied:

"Well, I'm glad you're not wearing it. It makes you look SO OLD!"

Thanks, kid...


Amy @ Juice Boxes + Crayolas said...

HA! Oh, you gotta love kids and their honesty :)

Edna Lee said...

This is a comment from my mother. She doesn't know how to leave comments on my blog, so she emailed it to me.

"This is your mother. Wear it. Remember you got blisters on your nose when you were a baby, and you were only out in the sun a short while. I swear this is true."

As she said, I was a baby so no, I don't remember it. That being said, not a week goes by that she doesn't bring it up, therefore I can never forget it.