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Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Wordle This!

Well, well, well. Based on the comments and emails I've received, it looks like we are a bunch of people who enjoy clumping words together!

If that's the case and you fall into the Wordle Afficianado Club, you better sit down. I am about to




If Wordle satifies you like a hot date, then let me ask:

Have you tried...

wait for it...


If the answer is yes, I love you.

If you've not tried it, you will love me for showing it to you. It's Wordle on steroids.

Rather than your words taking on random shapes, you get to pick out the shape.

You get to PICK OUT THE SHAPE!!!!

Sweeter words have never been spoken to a pack of control-freaks like us. (Admit it. I'm not wrong with that assessment.)

Quando Quando Quando you want to form the lyrics to your favorite Engelbert Humperdinck song into the shape of the United Kingdom, Tagxedo can do that for you. (Hi, Ma!)

Interested in turning your wedding vows into the shape of a heart for your honey? Tagxedo's got your back.

Oh heck, looking to reshape your divorce decree into a heart as well? Make it happen at Tagxedo...

and then mail it to your ex with a box of half-eaten chocolates.

Again, I am selfishly loving all the advice and ideas coming in, however I think others might be finding them useful as well so...

Keep 'em coming!


TheOneTrueFollower said...

awesome idea about the words to your favorite song in a shape of something cool. thanks and cheers!

Anonymous said...

I participated in a tech training this summer and did some exploring with tagxedo. If you liked that, you'll LOVE AndreaMosaic!! Upload your pics, choose the pic you want to be the main shape, and it will use all the other photos to create it!

Edna Lee said...

Thank, Anonymous!

I tried it.


You are my hero for suggesting it!