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Wednesday, April 6, 2011

I'm Curious

...and by that, I don't mean strange.

I always love to hear what others are thinking. The best ideas I ever had I stole from other people!

No, seriously. In my opinion, the greatest thing about blogging is hearing what all of you have to say in the comments section. I find all of you fascinating!

So let me pick your brains.

I posted a really quick, and relatively useless (except to satisfy my own curiosity) poll over on my Facebook page. Drop by and check it out when you have a second.

Thanks for reading!


Miss Crabtree said...

I took your survey and I found it quite interesting--made me think. Kind of like what I used to get kids to do in class. Thanks for the opportunity to participate in a literate exploration of my situation. LOL

Edna Lee said...

I am to please, Miss Crabtree!

Just curious, since a sincere thank you was the winner, have you ever received one from a student, parent, or administrator?

Edna Lee said...

Am/ aim


IPhone commenting never works out well for me.

Miss Crabtree said...

A sincere thank you? Yes, from several parents; yes, from a few administrators. Some thank yous from a few kids over my 35 years of teaching--sincere enough for an 8-year old or 11-year old. LOL