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Tuesday, April 5, 2011

QR Codes???

I told you that I would tell you more about what I learned at The Cue Conference I attended, and I'm no liar.

(Despite the fact that I'm using a false name, false location, and changed the names, ages, and genders of just about everyone I've ever written about.) I'm NO liar!

QR Codes were EVERYWHERE at The Cue and I am really excited about them.

QR stands for Quick Response. That excites me because Quick Responses are not something I usually get at school.

Me: Timmy, what is 4 times 5?
Timmy: uhhh, ummmmmuhh, eeerrrrr, aaaaaa, weellllllll, hold on, I'll get it. Could you repeat the question?

QR codes, in case you're new to these, are little 2D doodads that have data encoded in them that can be decoded by a cell phone's QR reader. Once decoded, the data is revealed on your phone.

Most cell phones with Internet access have the QR reader software either already on them or it's available for free online.

I have an iPhone, also know as "my other right hand," and I use the Red Laser app.

(Which, by the way, is a FANTASTIC app for comparison shopping as well!! For example, scan the barcode of the TV you're contemplating buying at your local store and Red Laser will tell you how much it's going for at other local stores and online.




So, back to QR codes. I made one...

well, I made like 12, but I won't subject you to all of them.

I made ONE for you to try out. Get out your phone and let your QR scanner take a picture of image below.

Did it work??

If it did, you'd see my contact information all ready to be saved in your contacts in your phone.

(Don't actually save it unless you're dying to have fake info about me.)

Wouldn't THAT be handy at Back to School Night? Make one. Display that sucker at the front of the room. BLAM! Info shared!

They are simple to make and simple to use and give the users immediate access to information. You can make them online for free. I made the one above at Zxing.

What kind of data can be stored in a QR code, you ask? Well...

- Your contact information (obviously)
- Calendar events (for important school events)
- an URL to a website (when scanned, it will take them right to the site)

There are lots more application ideas for these doohickeys.

I LOVE the idea of using them to link to a website. My big dream as a math and science teacher (my mother still can't get over THAT fact)...

My Mother: You know, she couldn't even DO math as a kid. I had to pay for a tutor for...
Me: MaaAAAaa! Do you HAVE to tell everyone about this?!?! Really?!?!

 ...is to have students make videos of their science experiments to post online. Then, at Open House, we post QR codes that link parents to the website and they can watch their kids conducting the experiments right on their phone!

Students can post How-To videos for math lessons, post QR codes in the room, and parents can watch the kids doing the teaching!

The possibilities are endless!

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Teresa Calhoun said...

This is awesome! Thanks for sharing this! I have open house this week and have printed my QR code. Rocking!!!