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Monday, November 28, 2011

Genius is Relative

One of our sweetest, nicest, kindest, most responsible, never-gets-in-trouble boys came to school today wearing a necklace with a big ole medallion hanging on it.

That's weird.

So, I sat next to him to do a little questionin'.

Me: Hey Zach! You got a new necklace there.

Zach: Yup! (Big grin.)

Me: Do ya know what it says on your medallion?

Zach: Yup! "Geniuses." (Bigger grin.)

Me: That's kinda what I thought you'd say. You're wearing it because you're a pretty smart kid, huh?

Zach: Yup! (Gigantic grin.)

Me: I agree, Zach. You are a smart kid, which is why I think I should tell you that your necklace says, "Guinness" and THAT is a beer.

Zach: (Huge, mortified, beer-bottle-sized eyes. No grin.)

Me: That probably explains why a necklace about "Geniuses" is shaped like a bottle.

He pulled that necklace over his head and jammed it into his pocket faster than college student in a beer drinking contest.

Poor kid. He couldn't look me in the eye for the rest of the day.

I should have confiscated it.

It would have made a great gift for my husband!


pat said...

Love it! Sometimes it is just worth coming into school!

Damon said...

Oh, no! Poor kid. Where do you suppose he got the necklace?

Miss Angel said...

Awww, that must have been so embarrassing for him! Poor little dude. I wonder where he got it?

Angela Watson said...

Awww, poor little guy! Cute story!

Edna Lee said...

I don't know where he got it. His family doesn't drink or speak a whole lot of English, so this is a plausible mistake, I suppose. Guinness looks a lot like Geniuses. I get it.

I felt so bad for him.

Parker Education said...

Poor little one, though i like the story.