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Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Miss America

One of my favorite things to do is chat with the kids.

Informally, just hanging out, getting to know them and all their little kid thoughts.

A few weeks ago I was out with the kids during free-play on a Friday afternoon. Quiet little Ana giggled her way through a story about a time her mother pretended to be Miss America. How one morning, in her bathrobe and with bed-head hair, she slipped on her highest heels and sashayed through the kitchen waving the wave of a beauty queen and carrying the morning paper like a bouquet of roses.

Ana and her friends all pretended to be beauty queens in heels too and tottered on tiptoes across the playground, laughing and waving like her mother had.

That memory will always be special to Ana. It was a gift that she shared it with me.

Ana's mother was taken from her this morning. Cancer stole her, leaving her three daughters and husband with only memories.  

Every day we have with our loved ones is a gift, and our memories are what we find when we unwrap it.

Go hug your family.


Miss Angel said...

When I was an aide in a therapeutic learning center, there was a four-year-old girl whose mother was a single parent, worked full time, went to school in the evenings, and was really struggling to balance all this with caring for three kids, one who had special needs... and then one night she was killed in a drunk driving accident.
I still feel sick when I think about that family, those little kids who lost their mother...
Life is so fragile.

Mom not Mum (Sandy) said...

That is so heartbreaking! It is also a wonderful thing that that mother created memories that her children will hang on to for a lifetime.