. Regurgitated Alpha Bits: Winer

Wednesday, October 30, 2013


I'm pretty quick on my feet.

Verbally, that is. (Physically, a legless tortoise could catch me.)

But verbally, I'm pretty spry. It's not often I'm thrown by what someone says to me.

But when a parent asked me for a wine opener at a school picnic, it left me a little speechless.

He was kidding, but he didn't tell me that part until after he went on and on about how much more fun these things would be with a little vino in our systems. How kids are so much more fun when you have a buzz. How, grown up to grown up, we can agree that wine makes everything child-related more tolerable.

But he was kidding!



Mrs. Smith said...

He was def NOT kidding! Right?

Pam Schmidt said...

I think he enjoyed watching you squirm to figure out whether he meant it or not. I think it's a bit funny!

Unknown said...

In England there is always alcohol at school events. Beer at Guy Fawkes night - because they have hot dogs too. Pimms at sports day - because it's hot outside and fruit floating in a cold drink is refreshing. Wine at everything. For Christmas we put together a gift basket for one of my child's teacher and the amount of money we all pulled together was enough for a whole bunch of treats and 4 bottles of wine. The teachers even sang about drinking wine in their 12 days of Christmas song during an assembly.

Edna Lee said...

I'm moving to England.