. Regurgitated Alpha Bits: Bridge Over Troubled Lectures

Monday, July 18, 2016

Bridge Over Troubled Lectures

I had to talk to a dad about how his fifth grade son, who's usually super sweet, was picking on some of my fourth graders.

Clearly, Dad was not used to handling these situations, since his son is not often mean to others, so he fumbled his way through his lecture.

Dad: Why did you do this?

Kid: Jack was doing it, so I just started doing it too.

Dad: Jack?!? Never follow what Jack is doing! He's always in trouble. NEVER follow what he's doing Ever! Not unless he's jumping off a bridge.

Kid: _______

Me: _______

Dad: _______________ Wait. Scratch that. That's not quite the saying I thought it was. When he's jumping off a bridge, you jump too.

Kid: ______

Me: ______

Dad: _______________________ Wait. Not that either. Don't even go on a bridge with Jack. Aaaaaannd, stop picking on fourth graders.



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