. Regurgitated Alpha Bits: Come Again?

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Come Again?

Handball is big at my school.

Epic would be a better description.

Kids take it very seriously and have all sorts of rules.

They also have all sorts of names for different moves, any of which can be allowed or banned from a court by whomever got there first.

There's Hardies, Super Hardies, Cross Countries, Babies, Bubblegum (not a move, but a way to keep your place in line), Under-doggies, etc.

So today, one of my students, Steve, was on a tear beating the pants off of kid after kid. Finally, after something like 10 wins in a row, he finally got out when a savvy player lightly tapped the ball against the wall when Steve was at the back of the court.

Exhausted and a sweaty mess, he came over to me.

Steve: Phew! That was tough! I'm so tired. Making babies is hard!

Me: uummmm, I'm not sure you should be doing that at school.

Steve: No, the girl on that court said it's ok. I just can't make babies very well, especially when I'm tired after all the cross countries.

Me: Well, I suppose long-distance relationships pose their own unique challenges.

Steve: Huh?

Me: Never mind.

I'm not sure, but I think we may have been having two different conversations.


tattle tale said...

Classic! I once had a v confusing conversation with a 4 year old, that I thought was about a dodgy farmer and he thought was about Christmas:
Child "I hope the farmer brings me a ninento"
Me "Gosh - thats very kind of him. When is he coming to visit?"
Child "You know, at night time."
Me "Huh? How do you know this farmer?"
Child "He comes every year"
Me "Huh? Do Mummy and Daddy know?"
Child "Yeah - he visits everyone!"
Me "????? Do you know his name?"
Child "Yeah - Farmer Christmas."

Melissa said...

Hahahaha! Kids say the funniest things! I always go home laughing every day with either something a kid has said or done. I love the use of your blog as an outlet