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Friday, May 20, 2011

Perspective is Everything

If you've been on my Facebook page, you know all about the newborn kittens found under my teaching partner's classroom.

Well, as the animal control lady and our custodian pulled the little, black, slightly hairless bundles out from under the room, all of our students were outside for dismissal. Of course, they gathered around with curiosity.

A boy: Wow! Are those RATS??

Class: eeeeEEEEeeeWWWWWWW!!!!!!! That's sooOOOO gross! They are disgusting! Ahhhhhgghh!!!!!

Mr. Custodian: No, they're kittens.

The Same Class: aaAAaawwWWW!!!!! How CUTE!!!!


Linda said...

It's all about perception.

grace @ahead said...

funny story! but indeed, it's all about perspective!
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Mary said...

Awesome! :-) Kids are funny.

Natalie said...

I was the 200th like on your FB page after reading this :) I just landed my first teaching position and I have been reading your blog all night. I love it!

Edna Lee said...

Congrats on the job, Natalie!