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Monday, August 1, 2011

Quiet! I'm (not) Thinking!

Have you been thinking about working again?

Worse yet, have you begun working again??

Not MeeeEEEee!

By now, I've usually busted out the flash drive and begun planning away for the coming school year that starts at the end of August. In all honesty, in years past I've had the majority of my year planned by now, but this year I have not.

And I must say, I feel a teensy bit guilty about it.

I met one of my teaching partners for lunch the other day, and he had just returned from a science camp for teachers. He LOVED it and for good reason. It was a week of non-stop activities with other highly-motivated educators from around the world. The activities developed team-building and science knowledge, all of which can be applied in the classroom.

Needless to say, he is...



about the coming school year.

Funny. None of his enthusiasm oozed over to my side of the table. (Maybe my empty beer glasses blocked it.)

He was also telling me about how the other 1/3 of our team has also been hard at work on ideas for the coming school year as well, despite the fact that she has two wonderful young children who keep her on her toes.

It is at this point that I begin to feel like the childless, non-science camp attending, beer-swilling, no excuses dead weight that is going to drag us all down.

And yet, guilty as I feel, I still can't bring myself to get working yet.

(But I do think that, "Childless, non-science camp attending, beer-swilling, no excuses dead weight" would make a great t-shirt.)

Am I still recovering from last year?

Maybe. (Possibly the easiest year of my career? Yeh, riiiight...)

Am I being lazy?

Probably. (Certainly.)

Should I get my butt in gear and start working as soon as I get back from this little family vacay I'm currently taking?

I really can't say. Committing to that right now would probably mean lying to you, and I'd hate myself for doing that.

Should we really be spending our vacation time working on school stuff? What motivates so many of us to dedicate at least a portion of our time off to school work?

Our reasons probably vary. I'm curious to hear why you do it (because I KNOW you do!)

For now, I'm just going to continue enjoying time with my extended family and keep procrastinating on that whole work thing that my team seems so busy doing. I can play catch-up when I get home.



Anonymous said...

I start getting to work when I have those scary teacher dreams where the kids are taking over because I'm not prepared.

But for the most part, I'm right there with you. Teaching is important, but it isn't my entire life. I don't devote my entire life to that one cause. Teachers need have a fill of down time with the family.

Otherwise you get burned out and bitter (Maybe that's just me:) Ha Ha!) Enjoy life while you can:)

Anonymous said...

Down time is very important. Guilt is not the best motivator. Enjoy yourself and thank you for saying what I was thinking!

Lisa M said...

You are so funny! This is the kind of blog I need to read on a daily basis!LOL
#1. Don't feel guilty. I am probably one of the few teachers not attending our "Chat and Chew" four days before school begins!NOT!
#2. I am one of THOSE teachers, but I have a blog to maintain, AND I only do the fun stuff that I really, really, like doing!(Hmmmm...does that make it ok?)
#3. I am definitely adding you to my blogroll!

Ginger Snaps said...

I feel EXACTLY the same way this year...

Call me crazy, but each year the demands just get greater and the pay crap. We haven't gotten our step increase in three years.

TeacherFromTN said...

I have done absolutely NOTHING for the past two summers. Two years ago was the year from hell, so I went on a sabbatical of sorts for the summer. I enjoyed it so much that I did the same thing this summer! We don't get paid to do summer in-service, and I have two children that I very much enjoy spending time with. Our principal told us in May that there were two "required" in-services that we "must" attend over the summer. I asked how we could be REQUIRED to do anything off contract.....she began to backpedal and stutter. Um, yeah, they can't. Enjoy every single moment of your summer--you earned it!

Adelle said...

I have not done a thing for school yet either and this is the time when I really start getting into it. With vacay next week and preservice days the following week I will be lucky if I'm not drowning by the time the kiddos get there. Yet here I am reading your blog lol!

Edna Lee said...


I am so pleased that you're spending some of your free-time reading my blog! THAT is an honor! Enjoy the rest of your vacay and have no fears about the coming school year. Everything always works out! (Except me. I can't even tell you the last time I saw my gym bag...)


Hilary Lewis said...

I decided that I wasn't going to tutor, teach a book club or anything this summer! I had a terribly stressful year last year and i just couldn't do it! It was a wonderful summer and even got to spend a week at the absolutely gorgeous Oregon coast! When we got home, I had 4 days to get everything ready for school...which started this past Monday...and like you said...it all gets done, and what doesn't...usually wasn't that important anyway! Thanks for the great laughs!

tchr4life said...

I, too, had quite an interesting year. I'm just sorry I didn't find your blog sooner...in the midst of the battle, so I could have some comedic relief. When I did find it, I found myself crying because I was laughing so hard. I had many similar experiences and the group of 25 about broke my spirit. However, instead of withdrawing (although many hours were spent floating on a raft enjoying summer vacay), I find myself excited to try new things and get the year going. I guess to get the stressful memories buried. :) Have a great year. I look forward to reading about your adventures.

Edna Lee said...

Oh Tchr4Life,

Thank you so much for the kind words!! That was just the cyber-hug I needed right now!