. Regurgitated Alpha Bits: Unrelated, but Relatable

Friday, March 7, 2014

Unrelated, but Relatable

I'm going to tell you two short stories that will seemingly have nothing in common.

Story #1
I have been teaching my kids about fractions. They have struggled to understand the concept of what a fraction is and where to place them on a number line. We spent days and days on it, and we finally ended the math topic with most of them having a very tenuous grasp on fractions.

The End

Story #2
One of our male students got pantsed today at school. For those of you not in the know, that means some other kid pulled down his pants. It happened on the playground, no less, at the height of lunch recess. How horrifying for him! We called in witnesses to tell the whole, sordid tale and the bully who did it was given an appropriate consequence.

The End

Oh! I forgot to tell you how these stories are connected.

One of the witnesses was my math student. When asked to describe if she saw skin or underwear when the pants were pulled down, she said:

"I saw about 2/4 skin."

Proud teaching moment?

Lil' bit.

If only she'd put that fraction into simplest form…


liana nazaretyan said...

lolll hilarious...and sad at the same time

LeeAnn said...

I needed a good laugh!

Anonymous said...

This story is great! And on the bright side you got a bit on an assessment on what that student understands and needs to learn next!I am a pre service teacher and I was wondering how exactly do you address that sort of response? I do have one question though, in that situation did you praise her response for her use of fractions or did you gently correct her for using the wrong fraction?

Edna Lee said...

Hi LeeAnn!

Congrats on your decision to become a teacher. You'll love it! As for what is did when my kiddo used a fraction, I praised her for her fraction use. She's a good kid and is trying hard to use what we learned in class. Good girl!

Best of luck in your teaching adventures!