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Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Don't Sweat It

Today we...

by "we" I mean "they"...

... the kids...

ran "the mile."

Six loooooooong laps around the playground, complete with moaning, crying, limping, coughing, and puking.

As our little joggers said, "Oh look. Asparagus!"

They are a motley little crew of misfits out there running.

 Every Wednesday, all the kids except maybe two launch into dramatic displays of their various "ailments" in an attempt to get out of running the mile.

They heal surprisingly fast when we suggest that if they're too sick or injured to run, they must skip recess...

...for their own well-being! We would HATE for them to make their sickness or injury worse by running around at recess. Better they sit it out at the lunch tables and heal.

As my mother would say, "The only way to get better is REST."

"Uuummmm. I think I can run now."

Today, a little girl came up to me in a true panic and said, "Mrs. Lee!! I have to stop running. I'm leaking!"

"Oh, great," I thought. "I've made another one wet her pants. HOW does this keep happening?"

As the girl approaches, she's showing me her leaky...


She actually raised her heart rate enough to break a sweat.

...and thought she was dying.

"Have you never sweat under your arms before?" I asked.

"NO!" she shot back like I'd just asked her if she had ever murdered a puppy or something.

"Keep running, kid. That's just your body saying Thank You."

People, we gotta get these kids outside more!


Heather said...

HAHAHA! You are so right! Being a Georgia teacher, it drives me nuts when a kid comes up to me on a beautiful 75 degree day, and says, "It's so hot!" Seriously? I swear these kids today do not know what good quality playing is!

Mom not Mum (Sandy) said...

Bwahaha that is too funny! How dare you make those kids run AND sweat!

Curly J said...

Just found your blog through blogcatalog and read through a few of your recent posts.... ahhh makes me want to be in the classroom even more!! I just finished my teacher education and am anxiously awaiting for an interview! Thanks for the great stories :)

Miss Angel said...

LOL! Well, in the kids' defense, I totally hated running the mile too, and I STILL would go out of my way to avoid running anywhere! On the other hand, I know I worked up a sweat plenty of times during my childhood riding my bike around, rollerskating, playing on my pogo stick, etc. I guess its hard to break a sweat playing Wii in your air conditioned living room, right? ;)

Anonymous said...

I just wish more parents would get their kids out moving and sweating some. Thanks for the great laugh. I'm working on catching up on your blog.

Anonymous said...

Bahahaha! I am actually teary I was laughing so hard imagining this girl's panic!