. Regurgitated Alpha Bits: Unexpectedly Happy Ending

Friday, October 14, 2011

Unexpectedly Happy Ending

My teammates and I had an all-day meeting scheduled with our new principal today.

We grudgingly stayed until 5:30 the evening before writing sub plans.

We groggily arrived early, as usual, to finalize sub plans and ensure our rooms and materials were ready 'cause Company's Coming!

We cheerily met our subs but predictably freaked out a bit because they didn't quuiiiiiiite seem up to the job.

(Well, at least I did.)

We kerploppingly sat down in the assigned empty classroom and sighed audibly when we saw chart paper, markers, post-it notes, print outs of colored bar graphs, and other evidence that we would be crunching a LOT of numbers today.


We silently cheered when, an hour into our meeting, our subs got yanked to go to other schools because too many teachers called in sick.

(On a Friday? Weeiiiird.)

We happily returned to our classes to teach.

I love a day that doesn't suck!


Miss Angel said...

Number crunching? Sounds boring! I only like meetings where you actually get to learn something!

Mom not Mum (Sandy) said...

Love it! On the sub side. I once subbed for a class with no lesson plans, a math class. The teacher was on campus attending a meeting to make her a better teacher. There was a serious shortage of subs and they made an announcement to all the teachers in that meeting that they would appreciate if they would go back to class if they felt it would be best. She never came. I struggled with her classes coming up with lessons, workbooks, whatever. With one class we did nothing. There were 3 parapros in the class and they all expressed that this was normal. To do nothing. At lunch the teacher came back. Argued that she left lesson plans, told me the office staff was overpaid and it was their fault I didn't get the plans. She then turned on her computer and told me that she had saved the plans under the wrong day - and also said that yes, with the one class she didn't know what to do with them - so nothing was normal. The happy ending? She did not return the next year.

Edna Lee said...

I still think that being a sub is the hardest job in teaching, if you plan on doing it right. I do not envy your job and admire anyone who can hang in there!