. Regurgitated Alpha Bits: You Can Run, But...

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

You Can Run, But...

Howard ditched after-school detention with me today.

Man, was he surprised to see me marching up to him.

...in the park he was playing in.

...a mile away from our school.

When you're nine, you don't consider the fact that hiding in the place where you play every day makes finding you so easy.

Thank you, Howard!

The best part was that he was playing with a group of boys, one of which ditched detention with me last year.

And what did that boy say?

"I TOLD YOU she'd come find you!"

I'm nothing if not predictable.


Mitch Rodriquez said...

I love this narration and I simply love every words use in this. It is not too difficult to understand and very entertaining.

Anonymous said...

Oh how our kids miss detention. They yearn for it and crave it daily. So what happened to the little escapee?