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Monday, July 25, 2016

A Toes to You

Not school related, but funny nonetheless.

I got a pedicure recently. The lady in the chair next to me was a little wacky, and the lady doing her pedi did not speak great English.

Wacky Lady: I want a flower on my big toe. I don't care what color. Make it red. No, make it black.

Pedi Lady: What color?

WL: Red! No, black. Make it black.

PL: So, red?

WL: Sure. That's fine. No, wait, make it black.

PL: Sooooo, what color?

WL: Red.

PL: I'll make it red.

WL: No, black. I want black.

PL: Ok. ok. I'll make it for you.

She got her flower.

It was purple.

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