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Friday, April 25, 2008

How's Joe C. Doing?

Thanks for asking! I suspected many of you were losing sleep wondering how The Cussing Bandit was doing in my class. Here's an update.

It turns out, he's a lot like the other Joe C. my students feared he might be. The new and improved Joe C. is definetely new, but the only improvements seem to be in destructiveness.

To date, Joe has:

- Started a food fight at lunch that resulted in the entire class losing recess (VP's orders.)

- Punched a student in the stomach.

- Gotten up and walked out of class without permission no fewer than 5 times.

- Fled from line when we were walking from one place to another 3 times.

- Bitten a boy on the arm hard enough to draw blood.

- Pinched a girl on the back, leaving a deep purple bruise.

- Bullied others in the bathroom so often that he has been banned from using the boys' restroom and must be accompanied to the nurse's office each time he needs to relieve himself.

- Stolen another student's lunch.

- Went through another student's desk and removed personal items, wrote his name on them with a Sharpie, and then danced around in front of the actual owner of said items chanting "Finders Keepers, Losers Weepers."

- True to his nickname, cussed at the lunch lady.

- Not returned one single piece of homework.

- Forged his mother's signature...twice. (I can offer him some advice on this one.)

- Lost library privileges because he creatively "edited" the artwork in his library books.

- And had his mother called into the office twice, his aunt once, and the police once.

He's been in my class for 17 school days.

I was right. This has been fun!

(One and a half days until vacation. One and a half days until vacation, One and a half days...)


Mister Teacher said...

And yet you HAVE to keep him at school. Yeah, this is really preparing him for real-world occupational consequences. He's going to be so bewildered when the night manager fires his butt from Burger King for cussing at the customers!

Edna Lee said...

Wait until you read my next Joe C. Update!

Wamblings said...

I'm so glad that I teach private students (and the Montessori kids). Days when Allie crawls under the table and refuses to play her violin or Arlen crunches all his notes cause he's frustrated, I'll just come back and read about Joe C.