. Regurgitated Alpha Bits: Joe C. - Day 18

Sunday, April 27, 2008

Joe C. - Day 18

I hope you all enjoyed my Day 17 update on the Cussing Bandit, but Day 18 gets even better.

On Friday, Day 18 of his hopefully short enrollment in my classroom, Joe C. was reported to have a pocketknife in his backpack that he had been brandishing at other students all week.

My first thought, of course, was not surprise. It was, "Why are you just telling me this NOW!?!?! He's been doing this for 4 days already!?!?! Someone could have been seriously hurt!"

I called Joe to my desk and asked him about the knife. He admitted to bringing it on Monday, but swore he had left it at home since then. He sure broke a sweat though when I told him he needed to empty his backpack in front of me.

Shocker of shockers, I found it in the only pocket he neglected to unzip. It was one heck of a pocket knife with about a 5 inch locking blade. He had been carrying it up his sleeve during recess and lunch every day last week. When I asked him if he understood the consequences for bringing a knife to school he said, "I could be suspended or expelled."

His expulsion is pending school board approval, but it is doubtful it will be approved. He's diagnosed ADHD, and a case could be made that he cannot recognize long-term consequences.

According to his answer to me, he sure does...


Mister Teacher said...

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Anonymous said...

Holy cow, that is ridiculous and scary! I'm sure when the cops arrest this kid for some felony, screaming "I have ADHD!" will cause the men in uniform to back off and tell him that they are sorry for the misunderstanding....

Edna Lee said...

It is a wild situation. This is a kid in serious need of an intervention, but I am not sure my school, or many schools for that matter, have the appropriate tools to help him. He is, after all, just a little kid, but he is making BIG mistakes that carry heavy consequences. I would love to be his savior, but I am afraid I am not able to do that for him.

Wamblings said...

gahhhhh ...and the other kids. The ones who were actually learning before he came along to distract them with knives and cussing, where is their advocate? Don't they deserve a classroom without a Joe. C in it?